Christmas Swag!

Quick post about a quick run with my new doo-dads.

I received some sweet Christmas running swag this morning from my adoring hubby. ūüôā

Here’s the haul:



So, he bought me four pairs of running socks–probably because I am forever whining about not being able to find the running socks I DO have. ¬†Spoiler alert–they are always dirty–which I guess is a good sign that I’m out there busting my hump on a regular basis. ¬†Or that I never do laundry. ¬†Between you and me, it’s probably both.

I also got a flip belt. ¬†I really wanted one when I was training for my half, and now I can really put it to good use as I train for a *gasp* full marathon. ¬†The flip belt fits…kind of. Lol. ¬†I’m going to have to get this Christmas weight off before I can use it though. ¬†Good thing I don’t have any REALLY long runs coming up anytime soon.

Last, but not least, I FINALLY have a Garmin Forerunner 15 with heart rate monitor. ¬†I’m soooo excited! ¬†I even got off my lazy, chocolate-eating butt to go for a run as soon as that sucker was charged! ¬†I’m a huge nerd and I love data. ¬†I love to see how efficiently my body works, where I need to train harder, what slows me down, what speeds me up, etc. ¬†I love to analyze that data and use it to better whatever I’m doing: teaching my high school students, raising my kids, perfecting a recipe, or RUNNING! ūüôā

I went for a quick run and LOVED my watch!  I think it is really going to help me with my pace, etc.  Love, love , love it!  Outside of running gear, I bought myself a small tablet, and hubby bought me a couple of books I had been wanting and some bath items.  He said I need to relax sometimes.  I love that man.

We had a good Christmas here this morning, and my step-kiddos are coming over for dinner tonight–one of them is already here. ¬†We will finally have our entire family together under one roof for the first time since my stepdaughter’s wedding in June 2010. ¬†Today is a good day.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine. ‚̧


Did I Just Enjoy That Run? I Think I Did.

When I was training for my half marathon over the summer and into the fall, I was so excited.  Every run brought me closer to a really amazing goal I had set for myself, I enjoyed running in new territory (lengths) every week with my long runs, and I looked forward to lacing up and heading out.

This time around, I’ve been struggling. ¬†I haven’t been enjoying my runs. ¬†They’ve been painful, exhausting, and seemingly endless–and I haven’t really had any actual LONG runs! ¬†I chalk it up to the fact that it’s cold, and I let myself get out of shape.

Tonight, I had my first enjoyable run. ¬†The hill leading out from my house was a little rough, but the rest of the run was awesome. ¬†I felt freer than I have felt on any training run this far. ¬†I was a little nostalgic too. ¬†I envisioned my marathon. ¬†I thought about the people in my life who can’t run and never will again. ¬†I chanted their names in rhythm with my footsteps, and it was encouraging. ¬†I imagined those people mid-course holding signs that say things like “my daughter runs for me” or “run while you can” as they sit, incapacitated, in their wheelchairs. I even picture my twin brother standing with our parents with a sign that reads “my sister’s a friggin’ show off”…lol!

I’m happy to have finally had a good run. ¬†I wish I had had time to do another mile or so. ¬†I didn’t want to stop! ¬†I may just be getting my groove back, and that’s a good thing because I’ve been questioning whether or not I could actually complete a marathon since I started training 3 weeks ago. ¬†The seed had been planted; I was just waiting for it to germinate. ¬†It may finally be pushing its fragile self to the surface after all. ¬†ūüôā

On a side note: my mom is still in the hospital. Nursing home, actually. ¬†She is still working at being rehabilitated enough to go home. ¬†I fear it may never happen. ¬†She’s been in the hospital/rehab/now nursing home since Oct. 8. ¬†She had a doctor’s appointment today and was informed that she will need to have stents put in her legs. ¬†Her feet are not healing properly (diabetic/kidney failure=poor circulation=foot problems). ¬†Hopefully, blood flow will be restored, and she will begin to heal. ¬†Back in May, my dad had this problem, and it was never rectified. ¬†He is now a double amputee. ¬†Mom has a better shot, but we will have to wait and see.


They are the reason I run. ¬†I’ve said it before, and I will say it again (and again, and again, and again). ¬†I weighed almost 300 pounds, and I was going to die. ¬†Not soon, but sooner than I should. ¬†And painfully. ¬†Watching my vibrant parents become bedridden made me change my ways. ¬†1. I didn’t want to end up like them. 2. I wanted them to know that I wouldn’t end up like them. ¬†They are so proud of the way I have turned my life around. ¬†Especially my mom. ¬†She has confided several times that if she had known how things would end up, she would have taken better care of herself and that she’s so happy that I AM doing just that.

I love those goofy people, and I wish I could have them around longer (and healthier), but it is what it is. ¬†I’ll be spending as much of the holiday with them as I can. ¬†Christmas break starts Friday at 12:30, but we are supposed to get some snow and ice tonight, so I may be off until January!

Keep running! ¬†It’s so worth it! ūüôā

Two Posts in One Day! Sunday Run

Just a quick update on my whiny-ness!

I RAN!  Running makes me HAPPY!  Why oh why do I always forget this.  Every. d*mn. day.

I also no longer have the desire to eat the nastiness (cookies, muffins, and fudge) that lurks on the kitchen table. ¬†I am however, still desperately encouraging the hubs to “eat, Santa, eat!”…so that I won’t be tempted later.

I did my long run earlier this week, because I knew my weekend would be hectic. ¬†Today, I went out for my final 3 mile run and it was quite nice. ¬†I didn’t feel like I was dying. ¬†I swear it’s because it was warm (upper 60s!). ¬†I’ve been doing all my running outdoor in 30 degree weather, and most of my runs have been rough. ¬†Do-able, but rough. ¬†Today was much better. ¬†I actually felt like I maybe-sorta-could run a real, honest-to-God marathon in four months. ¬†Stay tuned, though. ¬†That is still TBD!

I love that I used to be intimidated by a measly 5k. ¬†These days I run them regularly as part of a ¬†fitness plan…or for “fun”! ¬†Today it took me 40 minutes, but there are a ton of hills on the route I took, so I’m good with that. ¬†I’m not a fast runner, and that’s okay too. ¬†I run. ¬†That’s good enough for me. ūüôā

It was gorgeous.  Neighbors were waving, the sun was shining, and all was right in the world.


This day was made for running.

Marathon Training: Week Two (And Confessions of a Fat Girl)

This week wasn’t too bad either. ¬†I’m still playing catch up from all the couch sitting I did after my half marathon in October, but my endurance is coming back fairly quickly.

I ran 3 miles on Monday. ¬†It wasn’t too bad. ¬†I walked a few miles on Tuesday. ¬†On Thursday, I rushed home because I wanted to get my long run (6 miles) in before my hectic weekend began. ¬†I ran the whole 6 with a few short walk breaks up hills. ¬†At first I was disappointed in having to walk, but now I remember how I had to take a few breaks in my first few weeks of half marathon training too. ¬†I’m certain that as I progress in training, my endurance and stamina will catch up and I’ll be running non-stop like I did for all the later weeks of my half training. ¬†No worries. ¬†Well, maybe a few. ūüėČ

I ran 2.5 last night before it got dark.  I was dressed in dark clothing, so I thought it might be best to get home.  Besides, I had a ton of cleaning and wrapping to do before the kiddos came home at 8.  Spoiler alert:  My house is kinda-not a disaster, and no gifts were wrapped.

This morning my piano is being tuned, so I’ve been able to do a little laundry and blogging. ¬†I’d have liked to have gotten my last 3 mile run of the week in, but I guess I’ll save it for tomorrow. ¬†I’m going out to dinner tonight with my hubby and our friends, so I’m going to make healthy choices, but I’m also going to eat as much as I want! ¬†I’ve busted my butt all week running AND eating healthy, so I deserve a little calorie splurge. ¬†My body is tired too, so…maybe I need the calories. ¬†That’s what I’m telling myself anyway!

Confession time! ¬†After my half, I had planned to keep running and eating healthy, but I did allow myself 2 weeks off. ¬†2 weeks morphed into 6…and I morphed into a fatty! ¬†In 6 weeks, I went from 164 (half marathon weight–and +7 from my lowest) to 184! ¬†In my defense, about 5 of that was water weight because as soon as I got back in the swing of things, I instantly dropped to 179. ¬†The last 1.5-2 weeks, I’ve dropped another 5, so now I’m back down to 174. ¬†I’m hoping the weight keeps dropping. ¬†I’m sure that the reason I feel extra tired on runs is because of the extra pounds I’m packing. ¬†It freaks me out a little that I gained 20 lbs almost instantly, but I did do a lot of eating. ¬†And a lot of lounging.


I fell, but I picked myself back up. ¬†I’m sure I’ll be seeing the 160s soon, and I’m still hoping to hit my goal of the 140s by marathon day in April. ¬†With all the running I’ll be doing, I’m thinking it’ll all come out in the wash. ūüôā

Anyway, next week is a 3, 4, 3 and 7 miler.  We shall see how that goes.

Keep running.

First Long Run of Marathon Training

Welp, it’s done. ¬†I just ran my first “long run” of marathon training. ¬†I was planning to do 6, but it ended up being a 5 miler instead. ¬†It wasn’t too bad, though. ¬†I will say it wasn’t as enjoyable as some of my other long runs from previous training, but it was doable. ¬†I cut it short because I think I just hadn’t eaten enough and my body was tired. ¬†I’m also getting strange feelings in my legs and feet, so parts of the run were very uncomfortable. ¬†The feeling is kind of an itchy/crawly/light buzz or tingle. ¬†It doesn’t hurt, but it feels very strange. ¬†As I type this, I notice the same feeling in my left hand. ¬†Usually, if I feel in in my hands, it’s my right hand–not the left. ¬†Weird. ¬†Anyone have any ideas?

My hubby ran with me for a bit. ¬†I did a 1.2 loop and then he met me when I came back by the driveway. ¬†We ran down across the dam, which offers pretty views even in winter, and then looped back home. ¬†Hubby ran so much faster than me, and it really ticked me off! ¬†I’ve been serious about running for almost a year now, and he can out run me–at least with speed. ¬†He lost his momentum when he hit almost 2 miles. ¬†I kept going strong for 3.4, then I walked up a huge hill and ran the rest of the way home for a 5 mile run.

Along the way, I found a cell phone on the dam. ¬†I called the last person they had talked to, and a neighbor from down the street answered. ¬†She came by to pick up the phone and was very grateful. ¬†When she called me back on the found phone to let me know she was on her way to my house, the ring tone was Me and Bobby McGee. ¬†I told her it must have been fate for me to find it, since that is probably my all time favorite song…or at least top 5! ¬†Too funny. ¬†Anyway, I did my good deed for the day, so I hope karma was watching! ūüôā


I’ll be running three 3 milers and my 6 (that I was supposed to do today) next week. ¬†Wish me luck on week two! ūüôā