A Little Wine-ing

I usually post about running or training these days, but today is primarily a weight loss/food struggle post.

First off, watch this trailer for my life.

Now, hear me whine:

I’ve been on point with my eating–eating my specified amount of calories and busting my hump out on the pavement to make a nice little calorie deficit.  I’ve also been losing some of the padding I put on recently.  Yesterday, I planned for a cheat meal.  I had toast and sugar free jelly for breakfast, but I was so busy that I missed lunch.  I had traveled an hour away with the kids to visit my mom at the hospital/medical rehab facility and take her our shopping for a bit.  We were here and there and everywhere, and then I came home to drop the kids at a sitter and head out to dinner with friends.

Here’s where it gets ugly.  I ordered a glass of wine and a semi-healthy thin crust veggie pizza.  And a second glass of wine.  And half of my husband’s Bud Light.  No big deal.  I was still okay on calories since I had missed lunch.

After a lot of laughs with great friends, we went shopping.  My mother-in-law wanted us to pick up gifts for our kids from her, so we ventured to Walmart to accomplish this feat.  After we picked up a few games, we headed to the grocery section and my alcohol-/food-a-holic side did the shopping there.  Hubby was no help.  We left the store with fritos and cheese dip, red velvet cookies, chocolate muffins, and fudge.  W.T.F.?  Grrrr!

I came home, had a 3rd glass of wine and 900 calories of disgusting junk.  Who does that!?  Me.  The old me, anyway.  The struggle is real, and it always will be.  I often wonder if other people just have normal eating habits.  I wonder if the average sized girl at work just eats whatever she wants and it just happens to be in moderation because that’s ALL she wants.  The girls at work are constantly ordering out, eating chocolate, or drinking real soda.  And they don’t run miles upon miles.  Some don’t even walk to the mail box!

I think I just have too many factors working against me.  Nature, nurture, psychological “tissues for your issues” junk, and bad habits (and alcohol last night! 🙂 ) all work together to make meal time a real battleground for me.  I have really changed my habits over the last year and a half, but the things I did for 30 years still creep back in…like last night.  I let myself splurge a little–because that’s what normal people do, but that turned into an avalanche of  fat, carbs, and calories.  That’s NOT what normal people do.

I woke up this morning craving the leftovers from last night, but soon realized that all my hard work would be going to waste.  My husband volunteered as tribute to finish off the cookies and chocolate, so as soon as that junk is out of the house, I know I’ll be fine.  I’m perfectly content and feel really good about my eating habits 99% of the time, so last night was the 1%.  I can deal with that.

I’m heading out for a 3 mile run soon, and I might tack on a little extra to help counterbalance what I did to myself last night! lol.  It’s all about balance.

P.S.  Thanks for listening to me whine.     Looking forward to posting some serious positives this coming week!