It’s a Beautiful Day: Last Long Run Before my Half

That was the most beautiful 12 mile run.  I was up at 5:30, out the door by 6:15, I watched the sun rise, and enjoyed every second (well, almost every second) of the 2:25 hours it took me to complete it.

Mile one was a little rough.  I was worried that if I felt like that in mile one, I might be dead by mile five.  I had worn a headband that went over my ears to keep them warm, and I put gloves on my hand.  Turns out it was much warmer than I thought, so I ditched them in my driveway after about a mile.  I took another loop around the park and made my way back up my road and toward the lake.  At about mile five, when I turned around to make my way back to my house for another loop, I was greeted with this sight.


The mist. The sun. The lake.  This run was so worth it. I found myself feeling a little guilty as I ran back across the dam straight into what I could have sworn was a painting.  Other people were still in their beds.  Other people were in their cars.  Other people were in their houses.  I was in this portrait.  Sweat dripping, feet pounding the pavement, steady, rhythmic breaths sucking in and whooshing out.  I was in this moment. Present.  Living life.  It saddened me to know that others would never experience this beauty in this particular way.  They’ll never know what they’re missing.  I know I never did.

After crossing the dam and making my way back up a nasty hill where a sweet woman in a bathrobe who was taking her dog for it’s morning potty break asked me how I had the energy to get up this early and run when she could barely totter across the driveway.  I just laughed and told her she had a pretty puppy.  I really wanted to tell her that I have the energy to do that because I made it a priority; that last year I was almost 300 pounds.  But I didn’t.

All through my run and for the next few miles, I was really hot.  It was only about 70-75 during this time, but my cooling system was out of whack today.  I felt like I just couldn’t sweat properly.  Is that a thing?  Anyway, I was starting to wear down as a result.  At mile eleven, my quads tightened up, and I was beat.  My pace slowed, but I kept running.  I also had a little pain in my left hip (usually it’s my right).  I was planning to try for 13 today, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  At the beginning of mile 12, nature began calling.  Nay, screaming.  I thought I might be able to put it off, pass my house and finish a 13 miler today, and I probably could have, but at about mile 12. 75, I had a searing hot pain on the top of my right foot in a metatarsal bone.  I hopped a few times (reflex, I guess, because I didn’t plan to do that), and I rotated/stretched my foot a few times which remedied the issue, and then finished the 12.  I decided not to push it…no sense in hurting myself 2 weeks before the half!

I stretched like a mo’ fo’ when I got home and treated myself to some chocolate milk.  It really hit the spot!  I did a little laundry, grabbed a quick shower, and took the kiddos to a fall festival down the road from our house.  I was really looking forward to eating a guilt-free bbq pork plate, but it ended up being awful…and not enough food.  We did buy some caramel kettle corn, so I had a few helpings of that.  I’m gonna hafta get my bbq fix later today, though.  What I had at the festival was school cafeteria quality. Blech!

The kids play a few games, jumped in the bouncy house (one ticket = 10 minutes!!!), and I treated myself to a quick massage–the massage was free!  It was tip/donation only.  I cannot begin to tell you how amazing that felt after my 12 miles this morning.

I’m super sleepy.  Like ridiculously sleepy.  I may take a nap and then rustle me up some bbq.  Productive day, I know.  😉

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.  Enjoy every beautiful minute of it!  I know I will!