On a Side Note: I Wrote a Damn Book!


So, I did a thing.

Even if no one ever sees a word of it, it’s still pretty damn cool.

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Take a peek.


Reasons to Love Yourself TODAY!

I’ve been letting the hate back in lately. No more. All you need is love… 🙂

Fat to Fit

Look in the mirror.  Really look.  And make yourself love what you see. Look in the mirror. Really look. And make yourself love what you see.

For most of my life, I’ve been overweight.  As I type this, I am still overweight.  The last time I was a healthy weight was when I was in kindergarten or first grade. It was all downhill from there.  Not only have I been overweight, I have also been obese, and morbidly obese, even.  In April of 2013, I weighed in at a hefty 297.  My biggest problem?  It wasn’t not being able to find clothing.  It wasn’t being tired all the time.  It wasn’t not being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being utterly exhausted.  My biggest problem was that I absolutely freaking hated myself.

I promise…this post will be about self-love (you know what I mean, sickos!), just hang on to your hats a minute!

Hating Myself:

I could barely get up…

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Quick Post…Post Run

Woohoo! I got my mojo back! I got my five miles in fairly easily, although I get PVC’s which make my heart feel like it’s fluttering and skipping beats, and I experienced them on my run. I know I’m fine, but it’s still scary!

My boss ran immediately after school on our blacktop parking lot. I teased him a bit about throwing him some ice packs from the nurse’s office on my way out the door, and told him I’d be running later…when it was cooler. It rained, and the temp dropped at least 15 degrees. Can’t wait to taunt him tomorrow.

My co-worker who also happens to be my neighbor told me to text him when I went for my run, so he could drive by and I did…so he did (he was on his way to pick up his daughter). He blared some music at me and his wife threw a few cat calls my way…lol. It was silly, but it was fun, and I think that really helped my with my run. I was hoping he might toss me a twinkie, or some candy maybe…like my own personal parade, but no such luck. Maybe next time.

I did get a few pains in my foot, especially the arch of my left foot, but nothing bad. I’m icing it as we speak, and I’ll be off to bed soon. I’m resting tomorrow, and then I have nine miles on Saturday. Luckily, it will be nice and “cool” at about 79-80 degrees. That’s much nicer than the 90+ we’ve been having.

Sunday is bring a guest for free day for passholders at Six Flags. Hubby and I will be taking our offspring for a day of fun. I think I’ll treat myself to a hand dipped ice cream, since I’ll have nine miles under my belt.

Happy Friday!

Trail Runs in MO State Parks!

I came across a news article today that was promoting the Missouri State Parks Racing Series.  I decided immediately that I would complete them all!

I already registered for the first one. It’s a kayak/trail run, but I opted for the run portion only.  Mostly because I’m chicken, and I’ve never been in a kayak before.  Canoe…yes.  Kayak…no.  Hubby and I have decided to camp that weekend, so we will make it a family affair.  I hope it’s not too hot!


In October, I’ll be running this one.  Since the date coincides with one of the options for my half marathon, I guess I will officially be running the Go! St. Louis Halloween Half Marathon instead of the Mo’ Cowbell.  It feels good to have a definite race date set for my half! 🙂

I’ll be doing this 15K in November!

And competing this 12K tunnel trot in December!

Looks like I have a busy fall ahead of me.  Can’t wait!

I am Not Your Competition

Because it needs to be said again. And again. And again.

Fat to Fit

Ladies, I love you.

I am not your competition.  You are not mine.  It is not my goal to be better than you, smarter than you, faster than you, fitter than you, funnier than you.  In turn, I do not care if you are better than me, smarter than me, faster than me, fitter than me, or funnier than me.  We are individually awesome, and I love that about us.

Truth! Truth!

We are lovely.  We are inspiring.  We are wonderful.

When I see you on the street and I smile, believe that it is an honest smile.  A smile of friendship.  It is not a smirk.  I am not silently laughing at your skirt or judging your hair.  I’m smiling at you because we are women, and we are inherently friends.

When I see you in the store with your unruly child, your dirty child with only one shoe, or…

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Great Run and a Shout Out to the Great City of Where-I-Live

I just need to take a second and thank the sweet baby Jesus and the City of Where-I-Live for the new bathrooms that were recently built at mile three of today’s four and a half mile route. Thanks for saving me a lot of discomfort and even more embarrassment. And this is where we’ll leave it. 🙂


The run was great!  I have mentioned a few times that my shorter runs during the week don’t seem to go as well as my long runs on Sundays.  I thought it was because I’m still worn out from the long run by the time Tuesday rolls around (I am a fairly new runner, after all).  I also wondered if I just became bored of the routes, or if my very brief walk breaks messed with my mojo, since many times I have to stop to check on the kids, or switch gears and get on the treadmill.  

I have now decided that for the most part, it’s mental.  

1. I don’t care for my 2 mile route, which I usually take when the kids are home.  It’s boring and it’s an out and back. Having to do it twice is torture. Blah.

2. I have not mentally prepared.  I really talk up my long run in my head.  I am conscious of what I eat to ensure proper fueling.  I spend all day psyching myself up.  For a short run, I don’t care as much, so I’m not as energized.

3. I feel entitled to walk on a short run, since the long run is what builds my endurance. I know short runs help too, but in my newbie brain they just don’t matter as much.  (They do matter as much; I just haven’t put the effort into them like I do with my long runs.)

Today, my kids went back to school, so after I got them on the bus, I went for my run.  I mapped out a new course on mapmyrun.com (omg, why did I not know about this before!  I’ve been out setting and resetting the odometer in my car to find the right places to run!).  There was no doubling back, except across the dam, which is okay, because who doesn’t love running by a beautiful lake?  It had a nice combo of flat and hilly terrain, and the temperature was perfect this morning!

So, today’s short run was a success!  I ran for 3+ miles without stopping, and I ran the rest of the way after my quick pit stop.  I did walk up two short hills, but my run was actually 4.75, so even with those two walking blips, I still ran over 4.5.  Winning!

I need to get some strength training in later today, but first, I have to go work on my classroom.  I haven’t been out there all summer!  Eek!  It’s gonna be a nightmare.  Luckily, I have until Tuesday to get my room organized and syllabuses printed for Open House, and then the kids come back on Thursday.  I have plenty of time.  At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Happy last days of summer vacation!

Patience is a Virtue: The Scale is Finally Moving

My scale has been stuck since July 29th.  Not only has it been stuck for two weeks, it has even gone up!  In addition to that, I’ve been fluctuating the same few pounds since June 17.  I could have gotten frustrated, given up, and eaten a bag of Cheddar Bacon Mac n Cheese chips or gone to Jack in the Box for a disgustingly greasy Munchie Meal, since “it wouldn’t matter anyway”; but, I didn’t.  I kept doing what I do every day: eating well and moving my body.  And guess what.  It worked.

The scale finally dipped down to 157 this morning.  I was sitting in the mid 160’s just a few days ago (which bummed me out a little because I had been down to 159, and fluctuated back up for no reason!), but the pounds have been dropping off the last few days!  I have not changed anything; I am continuing Half Marathon training which includes strength and cross training, and I am eating within my calories.

I was patient.  I stayed the course.  In the end, I won!  Today I weigh what I weighed when I met my husband over a decade ago. 🙂  What’s funny is that I’m actually way smaller.  I was skinny-fat back then.  Now I’m muscular and toned.

When the scale moves down again, I will be in new territory. In my adult life, I have never weighed below 157!  I am a mere 8 pounds away from a healthy bmi!  I’ve got this under control, I just have to be patient.  Good things come to those who wait (and work their a**es off)!

Work hard, and don’t ever, ever give up.  You are totally worth it.  “Just keep swimming.”

Happy losing, losers!  ❤