Run to the Lights 5k in Branson

So, I haven’t run much since my half marathon in October.  Without an immediate need for training, I’ve been a little lax about my running. And fitness. And eating. This weekend was my first run with mileage over one mile (eek!), and it was surprisingly…okay…ish.

I took the day off on Friday to clean and pack.  Hubby worked a 1/2 day and picked up the kiddos on his way home.  We ate a quick lunch and headed out the door for Branson.  After an uneventful 4 hour drive and FINALLY having the time to begin reading Gone Girl, we arrived at our hotel.  We unpacked, readied ourselves for the race, and left for Silver Dollar City, where the race would take place at 10:10pm.  We took a few pre-race pics:



Let me enlighten you on this little racey-race.  We registered early.  The 4 of us paid a registration fee of $25 each.  With that fee, we each got a really nice long sleeved t-shirt, free hot cocoa, hot wassail, cookies, water, and bananas, and…drum roll, please……………….a free pass for Silver Dollar City!  The cost of an adult ticket to SDC with tax is $63.41 and a child’s ticket is $52.66.  This means for our family  of 4, the cost to enter the park alone would have been $232.14.  Instead, we paid $100 and got free food and tshirts.  Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

The race itself was okay.  I ran all of it except part of a realllyyy steep hill–much steeper than the rest of the hills.  I swear..the whole course felt like hill after hill after hill. I know I ran it in under 40 minutes, but it was chip timed and the official results aren’t up yet.  No worries–I wasn’t running for time.  Thank goodness…because I’m sure I lost at LEAST 2-3 minutes just dodging walkers.  I ran it…hubby and kids walked it.  They were all a little cranky when they finished, but I had hot cocoa waiting for them and that made them happy.

I wish I hadn’t been so lazy for the last month, but, well, I have.  I would have run a much better, much faster, much less physically straining race had that been the case.  I had side-stitches and my legs were tired–I attribute some of this to being soooooo flippin cold!

We left SDC and stopped by Denny’s on the way back to our hotel, and when my head finally hit the pillow it was almost 2am.  Here’s a pic of the kiddos at about 1am (don’t judge..we had just gotten back from our busy night!).


The next day, we had breakfast (if you wanna call it that) at the hotel, stopped by the Titanic Museum because my son is absolutely obsessed ever since he studied about it in summer school two years ago.  He thoroughly enjoyed it!  It was an emotional morning, and I teared up several times.  So did the hubs.  P.S.  They give a boarding pass as patrons enter.  Each boarding pass has the name of a real passenger on the Titanic.  At the end of the tour, patrons find out if they survived or not.  We ALL survived!

We went straight to the park.  We rode a few rides, ate some funnel cake and hand-dipped ice cream, and rode the train.


Riding the train in deep thought…probably pretending he’s on his way to Hogwarts.


Waiting with the boy while his fearless sister and dad ride crazy death-traps.


My extra eating kinda shows in this pic, but hey…look at those super-sweet shirts we got!


“Look, [Mom]! I’m riding a furry tractor!”

"You'll be clapped in the stocks before you're twenty."

“You’ll be clapped in the stocks before you’re twenty.”

I was an emotional wreck at Silver Dollar City too.  I’m not sure if it just carried over from the museum, or I was just having a weepy day, or what the h-word my problem was.  Anyway, I saw so many happy families.  So many grandparents happily holding grandbabies, grandpas riding Fire in the Hole with grandsons, grandmas doting on the kids while Mom and Dad strolled into shop after shop hand-in-hand.  It abso-freakin-lutely tore. me. up.  I was relieved to be wearing sunglasses because at one point, I was climbing stairs thinking of my sick, bed-ridden parents, leading me to the verge of a full-on ugly cry.  I completely and utterly envied them.  I was desperately longing to have that in my life; in my kids lives.  But that’s not the case.  And that’s okay.

I confided in my husband later that night.  He didn’t have much to say except that at least I will be there for my kids and grandkids, and that was sweet.  Just not enough in that moment.  I just needed to wallow for a minute.  Both of my parents are back in the hospital, but that’s a story for another post.  I love those people, but I wish I had more quality time with them.

Well, that got dark…fast.  Maybe I’m still wallowing!?? lol.  I love my parents how they are and where they are.  They are wonderful people.  I just occasionally get a little wind knocked outta me when I see how things could be.  This is the reason I kicked my oversized a** into gear and lost over 100 pounds. Who cares about sexy.  I want to be healthy!

I’m going to eat well and get a good run in tomorrow along with some bodyweight/strength training exercises.  In fact, that’s the plan for the whole week.  I’m sure those things will lighten my mood too!

Sounds like a good game plan to me.  What’s yours?