Mud Run? More Like Mud FUN!

Oh. Imm. Geee!  So, it’s an “easy” week in half-marathon training.  I did this weekend’s 7 mile long run last weekend, so that I could do this 5k (that I had already signed up for months ago) as my taper this week.


We ran 3.1 miles, completed 13 obstacles, kicked butt, and did it all in the pouring rain!  I was worried it would be hot this late in August.  Wrong!  I was FREEZING all day.  I even had to turn on the heater on my way home! 🙂

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I’ve run several races, but this was the first time I actually got a finisher’s medal!  No other races have offered them!  Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!

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We climbed over things.  We climbed under things.  We crawled through mud.  We convinced a volunteer to climb the ropes with us! We danced and ran at the same time.  We “woo”-ed a lot!  It was a blast.  I ran with my niece, Michaela, and a fellow participant from a weight loss competition I was in a few months ago.

We made it through the day unscathed.  Except that I was getting out of a large blow-up slide/water pit, and I slid right over the edge and layed myself out flat on my side hard enough to knock the wind outta me!  No harm, no foul, though!  I still feel great.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

The craziest thing that happened today was that it is usually Michaela who encourages me to keep running and not give up…”next hill”, “that sign”, “passed the next post”, she’d huff and puff at me.  Not this time. No-sir-ee, Bob!  I out ran HER.  It was cool to get to cheer her on!  It was also a new experience to change in front of strangers in a large tent.  I wasn’t even embarrassed.  Modest? Yes.  Embarrassed?  Heck no!

We had so much fun, but we are exhausted. Little did I know my “easy”week was gonna be so difficult!  I think it’s nap time!

 ******I run for fun!*****