Back in the Saddle Again


Okay, so I’m mostly only posting this so I don’t eat the rest of the brownies that my daughter made…that my husband was supposed to take to work today so his wife wouldn’t eat them.  If I tell you all how well I’ve done today, I will feel too guilty to eat said pan of brownies.  I hope.

I did great with my food choices today, and I kept my carb intake to a minimum.  Go me!   Tonight, I have a sweet tooth (only because there is 1/2 a pan of brownies begging me to devour them!), so to stave it off, I ate some frozen blueberries. Yum!  They were good, but now I have my eye on the strawberries!

I ran 6.2 miles today.  I did three of them on the treadmill, changed the laundry around, and ran the rest outside.  It’s funny how miserable I am on the treadmill, but when I get outside I’m free!

On the treadmill, all I could think about was watching the lap graphic slowly grow into a quarter mile circle or how sweaty I was or how the pull up rings in my basement are out of alignment with the basement door, and my OCD self just couldn’t handle its askew-ed-ness.  

Once outside, my mind was free. I felt so good.  I was able to envision my half marathon.  I thought about my family cheering me on.  I even began dreaming of a full marathon.  I’m not gonna lie…I’ve had my eye on the Go! St. Louis Marathon in April 2015 almost as long as I’ve had my eye on the half marathon for which I’ve been training most of the summer.

My 9 year old daughter signed up for an after school fitness club, and they will be running one mile of that marathon.  How cool would it be to run alongside my daughter and her classmates for 5,280 feet.  It made me tear up as a ran my way back to the hizzy.  I even came up with clever sign ideas for my family to hold.  Signs I would no doubt have to make myself!




I truly love running outside.  It makes me happy, and happiness is what I’m all about these days.


Happy running, folks.  Get out there and own it!




5 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. I can’t stand the treadmill! I pretty much think it’s a torture device!
    There is nothing like running your first marathon! You seem to be well on your way! Just sign up! Just think of the money you will save on the early registration. 😉 Make those day dreams your reality!

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