Reasons to Love Yourself TODAY!


Look in the mirror.  Really look.  And make yourself love what you see.

Look in the mirror. Really look. And make yourself love what you see.


For most of my life, I’ve been overweight.  As I type this, I am still overweight.  The last time I was a healthy weight was when I was in kindergarten or first grade. It was all downhill from there.  Not only have I been overweight, I have also been obese, and morbidly obese, even.  In April of 2013, I weighed in at a hefty 297.  My biggest problem?  It wasn’t not being able to find clothing.  It wasn’t being tired all the time.  It wasn’t not being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being utterly exhausted.  My biggest problem was that I absolutely freaking hated myself.

I promise…this post will be about self-love (you know what I mean, sickos!), just hang on to your hats a minute!


Hating Myself:

I could barely get up off the couch-my belly was in the way!

Carrying laundry up the stairs constituted a full on high intensity workout!

Nothing fit, nothing looked good.

I hid from friends;  I never went out and found reasons to cancel plans.

I was embarrassed to eat in public.

I felt ugly.

I felt awful.

I felt sick all the time.

I felt unworthy of love.

I felt like I didn’t deserve my amazing husband.

I couldn’t play with my kids.

My whole day consisted of negative self-talk.  You’re hideous.  Look at you, you’re huge!  Why would anyone want to talk to you?  Look at you?  Be with you?  Do you feel that?  You’re bouncing.  You’re disgusting!  No wonder you don’t have any friends. Failure.  Hideous failure.


If I had a friend that spoke to me like that, I would definitely terminate that friendship; so, why did I let myself talk to me that way for so long?  I let my weight identify me.  It’s who I was…it’s who I was always going to be.  Last.  Least. Less than. Lower.  I used every “L” word imaginable…except for the one that would change my life: Love.


Loving Myself:

In April 2013, I started loving myself.  I didn’t wait until I lost five pounds.  I didn’t wait until I wore a smaller size.  I started loving myself on April 29, 2013 for no other reason than that I friggin’ deserved it!  On that day, I made myself a priority.  I began eating healthier because I deserved it.  My body deserved it.

In May of 2013, I began exercising.  Why?  Because my body deserved that too.  I had silenced myself with food and lethargy.  It was time to speak up!  I had a frank discussion with my ever-supportive husband. He truly is amazing, you guys.  My rock.  I told him that if I was going to do this, I needed his help.  This meant I came first.  Me, and no one else.  Of course, I made sure my family’s basic needs were met, but it also meant my husband and kids had to step it up.  I would work out downstairs while hubby made dinner or gave baths.  I’d go for a walk while the kids did their homework.  I did ME first and picked up the slack later.  As time went on, I became more efficient with my new life style, and things went back to normal.  I still put myself first, but I was back to cooking dinner before hubby got home, and cleaning up around the house while the kids were in the tub.  Efficiency.  That was me. That was my life.


The more I did for myself, the more my love for me grew. I was worthy.  I was good.  I was helpful, funny, smart, witty, happy.  I became everything that I should have always been!





What I would tell the old me:

If I could tell the old me…the 300 pound me anything, it would be to love yourself.  Love all 300 pounds of you.  You are special.  You are lovely.  You are beautiful.  You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.

Don’t beat yourself up…you’ll just drag yourself down.  Just because you are overweight, it doesn’t mean you are worthless.  Love the skin you are in.  Love your body now.  Treat it with respect, and I promise…I swear…good things will happen.  Feed your body well.  Take it for walks.  Spend time with YOU.  In a year’s time, weight will have disappeared.  The love you have for your body will show.  You will feel better.  You will live better.  You will play harder.  Don’t wish your life away.  Don’t wish for 20 pounds from now.  Don’t wish for a smaller pant size.  Love you NOW.  Right now is all you have.  Don’t waste another second wishing for something that isn’t here.  Today is all you’ve got.  Feed yourself well today.  Be physically active today.  Love yourself enough to do that.  Worry about tomorrow…tomorrow.  It’s the little moments that count.

For me, those little moments have added up to 135 pounds lost.  If I had told myself a year ago that I had to lose 135 pounds by July 2014, I never would have made it.  I did this day by day and pound by pound…simply by loving myself along the way.  I am happier.  My kids are happier.  My husband is happier.  The decision to put myself first has made everyone’s life better!  Because my cup is full, it spills over into my family’s cups…and they’re running over too!


To all of you:

Start loving yourself today, no matter where you are.  It WILL be worth it, even if you never lose an ounce.  Live a quality life, people.  We only get to do this once.


If you think you are nothing, so will everyone else.

If you think you are nothing, so will everyone else…so believe you are something!



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29 thoughts on “Reasons to Love Yourself TODAY!

  1. Hear, hear! Such a powerful message! I lost 80 pounds a while ago and started gaining it back with booze and an injury. I started to really despise myself. In the long run, I only gained 20 pounds back–but I hurt myself day in and day out with negative self-talk. The person I was 20 pounds ago was happy and confident and loved herself, even though she still had weight to lose. Now, it’s back to daily affirmations of my beauty and strength and accepting/loving my body for all of the incredible things it can do.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience.. I was underweight.. had pale skin and dull hair.. And yes it works.. When I started loving myself I started eating healthy food.. I started taking care of myself and on the most important loving myself keeps me happy and positive..

  3. This. Exactly how I was feeling, what I was saying, etc. until a few months ago. Love my husband, love my babies, now it’s time to love ME. You are such an inspiration! 🙂 Keep rocking it!!

  4. What a great article. Thankfully I don’t have a big weight problem but the extra pounds and flabby tummy etc. that come with 60 plus have been getting me down so I found your “talk” very inspiring! Thanks!

  5. You are so inspiring to me! Today is my first day of exersize. I’m going to take better care of myself, it’s been a while and I’m kind of reluctant to change but I HAVE to and I WANT to. Reading your post motivated me and made me think, “I can do this” day by day, minute by minute. Thanks so much!

  6. This is perfect, you have so much right to love yourself no matter what! You deserve to love yourself every minute of the day. Everything starts with love. you can’t lose weight, you can’t exercise effectively if you don’t love yourself. Thank you for writing this, it has put a huge smile on my face 🙂

  7. Hi Becky,

    A truly inspriing journey to self love. I had similar negative self talk when I was a skinny lad about being too thin. You message is loud and clear, love yourself right where you are.


  8. Reblogged this on Musings of A Former and commented:
    There’s more to weigt loss than diet and exercise. I think many of us struggle with maintaining weight loss because we skip one wildly important component: loving ourselves. Self love has fueled and re-fueled my journey. It has made all the difference with me being able to move past “not feeling like working out” and has helped get me through the frustrating nudges (in the WRONG direction) on the scale. This post reminds is to love ourselves first and everything else will fall into place.

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