5 Mile Run…Scratch That…5 Mile Walk!

Tonight sucked, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  I knew as I was teaching my 4th hour class, and my legs began aching and tightening up, that tonight’s run would be crap.

I still don’t know why my “short” runs during the week are so….weak.  I killed my 10+ mile run on Saturday.  I walked a few miles on Monday, but I thought I’d be “rested” enough by today.  Nope.  Negatory.  The legs just wouldn’t go.  I ended up interval running the first few miles walking the middle mile and interval running the last mile.  And by interval running, I mean lots of walking and a weeeee bit of jogging. :/

I will be trying another 5 tomorrow on my tired legs.  This is mainly because I want to do some crosstraining on Thursday, rest Friday, and run my 12 miles on Saturday on fresh legs.  I have a few weeks in between the end of the Hal Higdon training plan and my actual half marathon, so I’m doing 12 this weekend and 13 next weekend. After my 13, I will taper per Hal and run my half on the 5th!

Also, my scale is a b-word.  It WILL NOT MOVE (except to fluctuate…in the WRONG direction!).  Is it from all my training?  Is my body holding on to weight for some reason?  Am I building a little muscle?  Surely some of you runner peeps have been through this!  I’m holding at 164ish (so I obviously have a little more to lose…it just won’t come off).  My lowest was 157.  Last week, the scale crept up into the 170s!  I ate a little extra that weekend, but not 10 pounds worth of food!  Any ideas from my veteran runner friends?  I’m not beating myself up over this either.  I know my calories and food choices are in check.  I also know that even though I haven’t lost anything since I started training, that my body is actually smaller.  Much smaller.  So something is happening!  I guess we will see what happens when training is over.

I’ll be back tomorrow to cry about another bad run!  :)

Fly Like an Eagle: Long Run (10.6 miles) Update

Today was my long run. Again, it was amazing.  I swear, the long run is my favorite run of the week!

I did my 5 mile runs on M and W and did some crosstraining and/or walking on off days.  Today I had 10+ miles on the agenda, so I got up at 7, ate, drank some coffee, and got ready to head out the door.  It was cold, so I wore my hubby’s pullover over my tshirt, since I have no cool weather gear.  Honestly, I don’t really have any “gear” at all.  I own one pair of (much needed) compression pants and 3 moisture-wicking tanks. The compression pants are a large and don’t do much compressing anymore.  I ditched the pullover halfway through, and was fairly warm for the rest of the run.

I felt like I was flying for most of the run.  At one point, I saw three bald eagles soaring above me which is pretty rare.  I just kept thinking that that’s how I felt: Free, soaring, proud.  Here’s a pic I tried to snap of the eagles.  I was running, and I couldn’t see what I was photographing. See that teeny-tiny speck?  That’s an eagle. You can barely see it, but Lord have mercy, what a beautiful day!


I saw two other runners, both men.  They looked like “real” runners, and they were running FAST.  Someday, I will be fast. That day is not today.  Even though I felt amazing, my overall pace was 12:33 per mile, but the first 4.8 was a 10:45 pace, which is pretty amazing for me!  I can’t imagine hauling myself around 140 pounds ago at a 10:45!  In addition to that, my long runs just a few weeks ago were coming in at around a 13-14 minute per mile pace. I have noticed a big difference in my abilities these two weeks!  My goal for the half on Oct 4th is to finish under 3 hours and to run the whole thing (except for bathroom breaks if needed!).  I no longer foresee any problems hitting that goal!

During mile 9 I saw a man walking toward me.  He actually scared me because he looked around and seemed to be gauging his surroundings, and then veered straight toward me.  Luckily, it was a false alarm.  We were at an intersection, and he was crossing in front of me.  It still scared me though!  I said good morning, and he said something about needing to dig out snow boots soon (it was super chilly this morning!).

I passed him again after I made my turn around.  He said, “You’re slowin’ down!”

I wanted to strangle him.   I wanted to say, “Yep!  I sure am!  I’m now working on mile 10 of my run and the wind is blowing against me now.  Of COURSE I’m slowing down!”  But I just laughed and picked up my pace a little.  He was just being friendly.  No need for harsh words. Or murder.

During the 10th mile, my hips and knees started to hurt.  It lasted a while, but then subsided.  They are still a little sore now, but everything feels better after a cool down walk and some hard core stretching.

I used granola bars for breakfast and Gatorade and Skittles on my run again, and it seemed to work fine.  It’s also pretty cheap, so…yay for that.  Hopefully it will keep working these next few weeks leading up to the half.  I’m still dreaming of that full Marathon in April.  It’s almost all I can think of on my long runs.  Dream big, right?

Happy running.  Happier stretching.  Have a great weekend!  I’m heading to my friend’s outdoor/barn wedding.  Here’s to hoping I don’t freeze!

5.8 Miles of Humid Hell

This sums up my run tonight.





It was hot. It hurt.  My legs were cement.  I took walk breaks.  I took stretch breaks. But, d***it, I didn’t give up, and I made it!  All 5.8 miles of it!


Now I’m beat, and I shall have a cookie.


Goodnight, blog friends.



Am I the “Healthy Girl”?


When I was a  young warthog…

I mean when I was almost 300 pounds, I envied healthy people.  I wanted to possess the drive, determination, and ability that they did.  Unfortunately, I wanted to eat cookies and pizzas more.  When I shifted my goals and my health priorities, my whole world changed…for the better.

Two years ago, if someone stared at me as I walked by, I knew what they were thinking: fat, lazy, slob.  And for the most part, though I hate to admit it, they were right.  Until they weren’t.  One day I just changed my mind…and my life.  For a while, I still looked the same.  With over 150 pounds to lose, I was still a “fat, lazy slob” in most people’s eyes.  Except what they didn’t know is I was walking miles a day.  I was toning with grueling body weight exercises.  I was eating healthily.  Who I was on the outside was no longer who I was on the inside.

Recently, strangers have commented as I’ve run by them.  They say things I never thought anyone would ever say to me. They say things like I wish I could do that…I wish I was as dedicated as you….I wish I had your willpower.  Yesterday a woman was in her yard while her dog did its ‘bidness’.  We exchanged hellos, and how are yous.  She said, “Well, you’re doing a whole lot better than me.  That’s awesome.  Keep it up.”

 It was that moment that I realized that I am that girl.  I’m the girl I used to envy.  I’m someone people wish they could be.  I want to tell them all that I weighed 297 less than two years ago.  I want to tell them that they can be me.  There’s no secret.  No gimmick.  No pill.  Hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears. That’s what got me where I am now.

I love that what I do can inspire people.  Being a positive example is one of my goals in life.  Mission accomplished.

If I could just figure out how to harness this excitement and actually tell people my story in an organized fashion, I wonder how many more people I could reach.  I’m sure there are plenty of people just searching for a hand to grasp as they climb their way out of the same dark hole I was in.


Happy running and healthy eating!






Cool Weather=Amazing Long Run!


O.M.G.!  That run was ahhhhmazing!  Today was my long run, and after a week (or two) of terrible runs, I finally had a great one!

Reasons my runs have been rough lately:

1. I started back to teaching and am super exhausted.  All day, errr day.

2. It’s been over one MILLION degrees for two weeks.

3. I’ve been sick.  Boo hoo. Poor me.

4. I’ve been seriously doubting my ability to complete my half on Oct 5th.


Reasons my run was AWESOME today:

1. It was 67 degrees with a slight breeze.

2. I feel better.  No more sickness!

3. I drank some Gatorade and ate some skittles. No light-headedness.  No crashes.

4. My neighbor ran the second loop with me.  It was nice to have company for the last leg.

5. I’m finally SURE I can complete my half on Oct 5th.  


Reasons my run was interesting today:

1. I was almost mauled by THREE dogs today. I screamed like a banshee.  Dog one was a Corgi, the sawed-off shotgun of dogs.  

See?  Vicious.

See? Vicious.  Not the actual dog, but this is what I saw.  I swear.


See?  Equally as dangerous as this:


images (4)

Lego guy with sawed off shotguns. Beware.


That one scared me the most because he was barking and growling as he barreled toward me as fast as his humorously short legs would carry him.    Dog two was a boxer.  Bigger,but no barking.  He ran at me and jumped on me.  I thought I was a goner, but he just licked me.  I patted his head and told him to go home, and he did!  So smart.  Dog three was a poodle that I encounter often.  The dirty, matted mongrel always runs at me barking and growling.  Some day I’m going to punt it back into its yard.  Not really.  I love animals, and it’s not the mutt’s fault it has bad owners, but this dog seriously does p*ss me off.  It’s cocky. I swear.

2. I learned that the hot garbage smell from a garbage truck smells just as much like hot garbage on a 90 degree day as it does on a 70 degree day.  I also learned that the stench (a stench so thick it feels like it’s being eaten, not breathed) lingers for approximately 1/4 mile.  Seriously. It does.

3.  I learned that only 1 out of every 5 or so drivers will wave back to me. Jerks! ;)


I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday.  Hope you are enjoying yours! :)



Quick Post…Post Run

Woohoo! I got my mojo back! I got my five miles in fairly easily, although I get PVC’s which make my heart feel like it’s fluttering and skipping beats, and I experienced them on my run. I know I’m fine, but it’s still scary!

My boss ran immediately after school on our blacktop parking lot. I teased him a bit about throwing him some ice packs from the nurse’s office on my way out the door, and told him I’d be running later…when it was cooler. It rained, and the temp dropped at least 15 degrees. Can’t wait to taunt him tomorrow.

My co-worker who also happens to be my neighbor told me to text him when I went for my run, so he could drive by and I did…so he did (he was on his way to pick up his daughter). He blared some music at me and his wife threw a few cat calls my way…lol. It was silly, but it was fun, and I think that really helped my with my run. I was hoping he might toss me a twinkie, or some candy maybe…like my own personal parade, but no such luck. Maybe next time.

I did get a few pains in my foot, especially the arch of my left foot, but nothing bad. I’m icing it as we speak, and I’ll be off to bed soon. I’m resting tomorrow, and then I have nine miles on Saturday. Luckily, it will be nice and “cool” at about 79-80 degrees. That’s much nicer than the 90+ we’ve been having.

Sunday is bring a guest for free day for passholders at Six Flags. Hubby and I will be taking our offspring for a day of fun. I think I’ll treat myself to a hand dipped ice cream, since I’ll have nine miles under my belt.

Happy Friday!

What the Fog!?


It was so fogging foggy this morning that I felt like I was driving into a Stephen King novel!  You can’t really tell, but in this picture there’s a lake on the right and a sheer and deadly drop off on the left. So, obviously, I did the safest thing I could think of: I got out my phone and snapped a pic.  (When I’m running on the dam, I get a little dizzy from all the different levels bouncing in my field of vision!).




I put in a full and exhausting day teaching teenagers.  I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m t-i-r-e-d TIRED.  After school, I rushed to pick up the brats from school, grab some semi-healthy snacks for them to eat, and trekked across the county to a neighboring town where my friend’s daughter would be volleyballing it up at 5pm.  I had a little time to spare, so I went to the park first and ran just under two miles. It was rough, but not as bad as yesterday.  I think part of it was that I knew I only had to do a short run!  Today is technically a cross train day, so I did the running, went to the vball game to clap at what seemed like random moments (I have no clue when it come to setting, spiking, or being “in the net”) and visit with my good buddy.

When I finally arrived home, I conned the hubs into walking a few miles with me before dinner.  It was a nice day, exercise-wise.  I almost feel like it was a rest day!

I’m mentally preparing for tomorrow’s five miles.  I may need a bribe.  This might work:


0901141755 (1)

I maed dis.

Better not, though.  Too rich for my blood!


I’m excited to get to sleep, so I’m off for the night!


Do something that makes you smile! :D


Happy running, and all that jazz.